A commitment to security.

Glooko® has made privacy protection and data security a critical part of our process and is certified by key global organizations.

Established culture
of trust and governance.

Because we recognize the importance of trust and the security of your personal data or protected health information, we have instituted formal security and privacy governance, and regularly report on both to the company Board of Directors. Our company leadership team is deeply involved, making the protection of personal and protected data our highest priority in every aspect of Glooko culture and practice.

Certified by leading global security
and privacy organizations.

HITRUST certification is a validated assessment conducted by an objective third party that certifies that a company’s security policies, procedures, and practices are compliant with HIPAA, the US federal regulation protecting personal health information (PHI). HITRUST certification demands best practice security safeguards and sets the highest bar for proof of a company’s security posture.

The Glooko platform has received confirmation of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance via an audit conducted by a former FDA Part 11 SME and author of several FDA guidance documents.

Glooko is committed to protecting personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which mandates strong data protection safeguards and guarantees of individual data rights. Glooko has extablished internal policies to support that protection, as well as external notice of what data they collect, for what purposes, and how they use it.

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Glooko uses OneTrust, the number one privacy platform in the world to ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and hundreds of the world’s privacy laws and frameworks. OneTrust ensures transparency and consent for online tracking and keeps Glooko up to date with the latest regulations.

Frequently asked questions


We work hard to make sure your data is secure, private, and available to you when you need it. We know that health data is critical AND sensitive. Our platform leverages security best practices to ensure that your data is safeguarded. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using modern, well-regarded encryption methods and protocols. We have independent third parties regularly conduct penetration testing and independent cybersecurity risk assessments, and we monitor our platform for vulnerabilities and any unusual behavior. Our platform is designed for redundancy and resiliency, and we have strong policies, procedures, and practices to assure security through technical, organizational, and procedural controls.


We are protective of your personal data, and we will not share your identifiable data without your consent. If you use Glooko services through a healthcare provider, then your care provider will work with you to manage your diabetes, and your data will be available to your provider, for example when you visit your doctor. In that case, our services are just a portion of the health care operations of your health care provider, just like any other system they may use to provide you with care.


Our practices ensure that security and privacy remain paramount and are not given short shrift for expediency or profit. We have documented policies that lay out our expectations for security and privacy. We have a formal, adopted Data Ethics policy that states what we believe is proper to do with data and what we will not do. We have a governance board for Security and Privacy that helps drive critical decisions and ensures proper prioritization and resource allocation for security and privacy efforts. And, we have a leadership team that truly believes that the effort to lead in security and privacy is worth it, because having your trust is worth it.