Keep ALL your patients
on your radar.

With Glooko®️ as your comprehensive
remote patient management solution,
you can see as many as 12x more patients.*

Expand and elevate
your care.

Manage your patients’ progress in-clinic and from afar by staying continuously engaged through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

  • See, review and analyze your entire patient population in one location.
  • Enhance your treatment decisions using both in-clinic and remote data.
  • Provide targeted diabetes care programs that expand services to your patients that need it the most.
  • Achieve Improved outcomes within 3 months for patients that are remotely monitored using the Glooko® Mobile App.*

*Data on file

Identify issues

Quickly access your patient population, identify at-risk individuals and provide patient-focused interventions that help inform care and improve outcomes.

  • Initiate proactive care plan adjustments at any given time by capturing more insights in-between visits.
  • Help support timely interventions by predicting patient dropout risk.
  • Simplify the process of titrating insulin doses between visits for your Type 2 patients.
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*Data on file

Increase overall efficiency.

Add new revenue streams and improve your workflow.

  • RPM CPT Codes available for additional monthly revenue.
  • Improve workflow efficiency without compromising quality of care.
  • Eliminate administrative tasks and time with robust EHR integrations.
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*Data on file

  • Save time per patient with Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS).*
  • Manage and treat more diabetes patients.

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