Provider Products

Your comprehensive in-clinic
and remote patient
management platform.

Manage your entire patient population
from one location.

  • Manage your total diabetes population for 24/7 care.
  • View and analyze diabetes data that has been synced remotely by patients or uploaded during a clinic visit.
  • Find and group targeted patients with search and filter capabilities.
  • Efficiently analyze and provide guidance to patient groups.
  • Improve workflow efficiency and increase your patient load.
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*Not all product features are available in all countries.
Please contact your local rep for details.

Make decisions at the health care system level
with population health analytics.

  • Identify at-risk patients based on clinical criteria you establish at either a population level or patient level.
  • Predictive algorithms allow for early outreach to participants highlighted as “likely to dropout of study.”
  • Proactively risk-triage your diabetes population.
  • Understand real world outcomes related to diabetes and how patient populations respond to specific interventions.

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*Not all product features are available in all countries.
Please contact your local rep for details.

Free mobile app for patients to view their data and collaborate with their providers between visits.

Patients can:

  • Enter and view diabetes data in one location to better understand what’s impacting their glucose levels.
  • Sync data from their meter, insulin pump, pen or continuous glucose monitor
  • Log meals and activity – Our food database has over 500,000 items and Glooko is compatible with popular fitness trackers like Fitbit and Strava
  • View educational resources and best practices about diabetes.

*Not all product features are available in all countries.
Please contact your local rep for details.

Enable your healthcare providers to effectively manage their entire patient population during and in-between appointments.

  • Quickly access your patient population or identify at-risk individuals and provide patient-focused interventions
  • Monitor your diabetes patients In-clinic and from afar with decision support tools that deliver improved outcomes*
  • Boost the standard of diabetes care in your practice to achieve operational excellence aligned with value-based care
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Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS).

Provides advanced decision support to optimize doses.

  • FDA-cleared Digital Therapeutics
  • System provides insulin adjustment recommendations for patients based on the parameters set by the provider.
  • Dose adjustment checks every 1-7 days per treatment plan to get the patient into range.
  • Prescribe to help people with type 2 diabetes determine their optimal long-acting insulin (LAI) dose.
  • Clinicians can remotely monitor patients on the MIDS and provide support as necessary.
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