Clinical Research

Power up with connected
clinical trials.

Glooko® provides easy access to research-grade, real world patient data from million of patients and 7500+ clinics worldwide.

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Why consider a connected
clinical trial?

  • Increasing usage of connected products in decentralized clinical trials due to demand for remote data collection and virtual visits Post-COVID.
  • Capture granular real-world data (RWD) to help generate insights for newer
    modern protocols.
  • Easily manage multiple devices used in virtual trials.
  • Simplify protocols for patients and increase adherence rates.
  • Efficiently screen and recruit patients.
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Glooko is an unmatched source for
real world data.

  • Globally 1 million active users generating data across 28 countries in 21 languages every day.
  • Robust data sets including blood glucose, insulin, exercise, food, medications, blood pressure, weight and demographics.
  • 200+ devices sup.ported
  • Glooko is HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, ISO 13485 compliant, and Part 11 compliant.
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clinical research products

Glooko partners with you
at every stage of your Virtual trial.

Protocol Design

Site Selection & Patient Recruitment

Data Collection

Patient Monitoring & Study Management

Data Export

  • Use real world data for feasibility and device selection during protocol design
  • Get assistance with site selection and patient recruitment
  • Simplify data collection for both the patient and the site
  • Access patient monitoring at an individual patient and clinic level utilizing site/sponsor dashboards and study management
  • Easily export data in a variety of formats
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