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This is how we see and actively work with our core values at Glooko.

Our values help us focus, make the right decisions, hire the right people and ultimately fulfill our purpose and vision. They manifest who we are and who we want to be, and they help us hold ourselves accountable for the things we commit to.




Senior Customer Support Specialist

Why Glooko?

I decided to join Glooko because I felt that I could really make a difference in helping people with diabetes and their health care providers.

Things I do on a regular day at work.

On a regular day at work I take calls and emails from people with diabetes and healthcare professionals wanting help with how to use our solutions. I’m also involved in projects and help out with translations.


Software Engineer

Why Glooko?

In my previous job I was a Ruby on Rails developer and it was time for a change.
During my search I came across Glooko and thought it fit my skills well so I decided to apply. The guys that interviewed me seemed smart and friendly and the company’s goal was something I could get behind.

Things I do on a regular day at work

On the device integrations team I generally work on backend development. That mostly means getting partner APIs to send us data and save it correctly. Occasionally I’ll also get to play with some devices myself and try to get them working with uploader/transmitter as well. I work most closely with Brandon who does a great job
catching the many mistakes I make while trying to do that.


Design Researcher

Why Glooko?

There are two reasons why I joined Glooko. The first is that I’m always looking to work on a meaningful product, something that can make a difference for someone’s day and it doesn’t get more meaningful than in the health space. Having family members with diabetes, I know how difficult it is for those with diabetes and their loved ones to care for a chronic condition so working at Glooko is personal as well. Secondly, the vision that Glooko has set out to achieve is inspiring. There is so much opportunity in improving the space of collaboration between the provider and the patient that can make a difference in diabetes care. I was excited to see the opportunity space and be able to work so closely on making that vision more of a reality.

Things I do on a regular day at work.

As a Design Researcher, a lot of my time is spent being connected with users, whether they use the product or not. I’m conducting one on one interviews with providers or patients to understand the problems they’re facing, the routines they have, and the context they’re in. I’ll put the interviews together and find patterns that
will help us make the product better for prospective and current users. Afterwards, I’ll present those patterns or insights to the rest of Glooko to make sure we’re all connected with the user’s point of view. I’m also working closely with the Design team, trying to see how the research insights influence design projects to ensure we’re crafting meaningful products for our users. In between all that, I’m also getting schooled during our monthly trivia games and picking up food styling tips as well as inspiration for what to cook on Slack.